30 Pixel Perfect Websites – BBTF Gets an Awwward

We know how easy it is to buy a template change some colors, put an icon here and there, add a logo, some pictures and voilà, you’ve got yourself a website. But we also know good design takes time. Making a design that’s not only good but great can be a tedious work, but you can tell when something has been made for an specific purpose. That’s what happens when you strive for pixel perfection, it shows. Making a website that is perfect to a pixel level requires time and effort, but your work will surely look more professional and have a personality of its own. In this article we have compiled 30 great examples of pixel perfect websites. Remember, everything is in the details.

Built by the Factory is honored to be featured on this blog about being Pixel Perfect and having our own agency website included. Being pixel perfect is extremely important to our agency and being recognized for this is an honor!