Make Sense aka No, I Won’t “Friend” Your Toilet Paper

A toilet paper has a Facebook page, and all I can say is we’re not past this yet?  I’m not trying to be one of those smug agency people who is asking “who in the world led that charge”, but making sense is critical to brand integrity and I’m shocked at how blithely it’s being manhandled.

We all know there’s brand value, brand equity, brand awareness, brand loyalty and so on.  Brand integrity is the only type of “brand _______” that is solely the responsibility of the brand/agency.  The audience is not part of the equation.  Maybe that’s why we see embarrassing executions that don’t make sense – because the voice of the consumer is negated. Were they planning on fans sharing toilet paper horror stories?  Did they think the toilet paper was a social beacon of light saying “send me your poor huddle (m)asses”? This has been talked about ad nauseum yet I still see it happening.

If you don’t make sense, you chip away at your brand integrity. Sure, you may not feel the impact immediately but over time, with compounded lack-of-interest, you lose the opportunity to engage.  So why do brands waste opportunities to make sense?  Because they are too focused on getting the attention, getting in the “game”, and seeing measurements.  What they don’t factor is the long term loss in brand integrity.  You get one shot to do it right, so why not do something that makes sense.