Powerhouse in Heels
Olivia Palermo is a big deal. As the face of well known luxury brands, she is a fashion muse, style icon and has raving fans all over the world. She has such influence on fashion, beauty and lifestyle that anything she touches instantly changes the life of that brand. This Midas touch has been dubbed "The Palermo Effect" - when she endorses something it's sought after, blink, and it's sold out.
From Blog to Business
In February 2013, Olivia Palermo engaged BBTF to take over the brand management of her website OliviaPalermo.com. Olivia already had established a baseline audience on her site, but the website wasn't living up to its potential. We realized that Olivia Palermo was ready to launch from a blog to a business.

During the first month of engagement, BBTF resolved performance issues with the website related to hosting, lack of mobile compatibility and overall lack of structure. It was really important to set the stage for what was to come.

In the second month, we focused our efforts on organizing the guest contributors, creating process around the editorial schedule, acquiring more contributors and generating more traffic for the site by the use of social media. We started developing the structure and revenue model for Olivia Palermo's business.

In the third month, we began to implement more interactive and engaging shoppable content, negotiating strategic partnerships for content syndication and brand collaborations. We now continue with content development, writer management, and revenue generating programs and partnerships.
Proof In Numbers
Our work with OliviaPalermo.com has resulted in a traffic increase of over 30% each month and a social media engagement and following increase. Most importantly, we have a strong revenue generating business model that has increased the revenue opportunities in just 2 months.