The digital city – It’s #IWNY

It’s that time of year again! Internet Week New York is in full effect for it’s 4th annual festival celebrating all things Internet.

As event partners, we had the opportunity to get a first look at the walk down digital memory lane with the Digital Archaeology Exhibit. If you are a true geek, this exhibit is a must see. The exhibit presents 28 historic websites, including the oldest known copy of the first site – “The Project,” which in 1991 allowed users to share documents on their PCs via the Internet – and The Blue Dot, the first known animation to hit the Web.

We are always looking for things to inspire us and I must say that Digital Archaeology created by Story Worldwide without question won us over. As digital innovators we are continually working to push the interactive space to it’s next limit, seeing how the industry has evolved over what is really a short period of time really sheds light on how quickly digital has evolved.

“It’s amazing to think that a ball bouncing around the page was a worldwide phenomenon in 1995,” said Jim Boulton, curator of the exhibit. “It’s incredible to think where we’ll be in another 20 years.”

Seeing the hardware, the operating systems and the significant websites from each year (including that good ol Game Boy we all had) just made the BBTF team smile.

In recognition of this, Jim Boulton, partner at Story Worldwide, is curating Digital Archaeology, showcasing 28 landmark, culturally significant websites restored to their former glory and exhibiting them on the software and hardware of the day.

Two thumbs up to Digital Archeology for educating, inspiring and reminding us why we love what we do!

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