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At BBTF we value hard work and creativity. We are nested within the WeWork community and are enjoying every minute of it. If you don't know what WeWork is, it's a co-working space whose mission is to create a physical social network. As a BBTF'er you will be embedded in a collaborative environment of innovative start ups that range from the social entrepreneurs to the super geeks. We enjoy an atmosphere and vibrant culture that is not without its perks - free coffee, free beer on tap, fruit infused water and services such as an organic gourmet food market set up right in the kitchen. WeWorkers are always throwing events and lectures every week so there's always cool things going on.

Businesses & Brands:

Web Design & Development - Brands and businesses come to us needing a new online experience. Either they are looking to launch something completely new or refresh, update and improve what they currently have. We specialize in creating engaging website experiences and utilizing cost effective content management solutions that make sense for your business.

Mobile Application Development - We design and develop mobile applications ranging from native iOS iPhone and iPad apps, to HTML based multi-platform applications, to native Android apps. Our team of expert strategists, UI/UX designers, and developers create mobile products from games to utilities, and everything in between. We have expertise in enterprise level application development to support the needs of larger organizations.

Content Development - We have served as content developers for many brands who have blogs, social presences, online communities, video and photo needs. In addition to consulting on what you need to deliver the message we serve as producers to create it.

Social Media - As industry veterans we have seen it all when it comes to social. Besides providing the best social strategy to suit your brand's needs (we don't believe in getting into social without a good reason) , we come up with executions and campaigns that can generate engagement with your audience.

Celebrity & Influencer Brands:

Brand Development - BBTF has a roster of celebrity and influencer clients that we have worked with to create their digital brand identity. These relationships range from working to envision a new online brand from the ground up, to taking over an existing online brand in order to raise it to it's maximum potential.

Content Development - Maintaining the content on an online blog or magazine is something many celebrities underestimate. Our staff writers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment can instantly become a plug and play editorial staff. We pitch daily story ideas, follow your social activity, turn your tweets into full articles - just to name a few ways we get it done. BBTF takes the burden off you of keeping your content fresh. Our team also works to develop photo and video content for your website, shooting anything from street style to covering events.

Social Media - We always encourage our celebrity clients to stay active on their social media accounts. Besides sharing your daily inspiration and happenings, social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic, grow engagement with your fans, and support your online business needs. Our business focused social media efforts are cost-effective and results-driven. We monitor, analyze, and engage to maximize your online brand's potential.

Partnerships & Promotions - BBTF works with celebrities and influencers to identify strategic partners and negotiate promotional campaigns to support the growth, and increase the return on your investment, of your digital brand. We work by aligning our clients with syndication partners to drive qualified traffic, promotions and campaigns that align with brands you love and support. We work to turn your digital brand from a labor of love into a revenue generating viable business.

Agencies & Companies:

Concept Development - We work with agencies that need a little extra firepower when it comes to digital. Whether it's a new product launch, a contest, or a festival, we take the general campaign theme and develop digital campaign concepts to enhance or extend the traditional channels. We start with something as simple as a mission statement or client goal, some general campaign imagery, and transform that into an online campaign.

Campaign Design & Development - Perhaps you have already envisioned the general campaign concept, but you need a digital team to generate the actual campaign design and development. We play well with others and are agency veterans. Our team is experienced working with other agency creatives, to see your vision through to reality.

Pitch to Win - You are an agency going in for a big pitch, however you need powerhouse ideas for digital. BBTF works with agencies on pitch projects to help you win the business. Sometimes, you just need a fresh perspective to take things to the next level. We love working with other talented creative teams.

BBTF Labs:

Products & Startups - You have an idea, but you don't have the resources or expertise to take it much further. BBTF LABS is focused on bringing innovative products in the mobile and online space, to the market. We have to believe in your concept to become a part of BBTF LABS, the cost of entry is innovation! You need to be answering a real need for a market or medium.

To be considered for BBTF LABS you must pitch us your concept or prototype in person. If we love it, we help bring your product from prototype to reality. We work with you on an ongoing basis to bring your product to market and introduce it to the brands we work with. We take you under our wing, guiding you through evolution of your product startup.

Our Own Ideas - BBTF LABS is also our innovation playground where we develop our own app and website concepts. It is a mix between R&D and incubator. Sometimes we pitch our own LABS prototypes to our existing clients!

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